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Knee Friendly

Pilates Challenge Day 3

In today’s day 3 workout, we’ll be focusing on posture.

“Tech neck” is a condition I’m seeing with clients more and more frequently.  As we spend hours on our computers and phones throughout the day, our posture is being impacted and often a primary cause of aches, pains, and tension that could be avoided by restoring good posture.

I have good news though!  Pilates can help you develop and use core strength – allowing you to realign your spine, move efficiently, and strengthen your muscles for better balance and posture.  While Pilates can help you lose weight and tone up, the benefits go far beyond the number on the scale or the size of your jeans.

Here at Ultimate Serenity we encourage our community to become the healthiest version of themselves – both physically and mentally.  Trust the process and celebrate that you’re taking care of yourself throughout this challenge.

Get ready to stand up straight and sit up tall with today’s workout!  Please leave a comment when you are finished.


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