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Knee Friendly

Leg Day Circuit

You will need a Chair, One heavy Dumbbell, Mat, and a Booty band.  Enjoy the new music I added to the video.  This is the first one.  Please let me know how you liked the music.

Warm up: 3 minutes

Circuit 2 number 1:  2 X 45 seconds

  • Hip Hinge
  • Other Leg
  • Shoulder Bridge

Circuit Number 2:  3 x 45 seconds

  • Hip Abduction w/ Booty Band
  • Hip Abduction Other Leg
  • Monster Walk with Booty Band or Ankle Band

Circuit Number 3:  1x 45 seconds

On your right side with Left leg working

  • Side plank with leg lift (on forearm or lying on your side)
  • Left knee to elbow
  • Elevated Clam Shells

Other Side on your left side right leg working

  • Right Side Plank Leg lift
  • Left knee to elbow
  • Elevated Clam Shells

3 Minute Cool down stretch



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